Below we have listed our features available with thorough descriptions, including measurements.

If you have questions regarding any of these items please feel free to contact us.


Large Pavilion  

The large pavilion measures 72 x 45 ft. and seats 250 people comfortably. There are 10 ft. and 12 ft. openings to the area surrounding the pavilion and 18 ft. to the ceiling at highest point. The pavilion has a concrete foundation with gorgeous auburn roof. The pavilion is completely customizable for decorating including hanging items under 15 lb. You can create a custom seating plan or use a pre-approved Lost Hill Lake plan.


Small Pavilion

The small pavilion measures 20 x 30 ft. and is recommended for serving. There are large openings on either end of the pavilion and 10 ft. to the ceiling at the highest point. Buffet dinners, desserts and drink lines can serve 10-20 people in this space at a time with beautiful string lights for use all night long.


Ceremony Arbors

For your ceremony backdrop we have three arbor options. If you would like to use one of the Lost Hill Lake arbor options or decorate the arbor with decor yourself, please discuss with your coordinator before your event. Our Traditional Arbor is 4 ft. deep X 8 ft. wide X 8 ft. tall, handcrafted by our in-house carpenter with a rich, deep brown walnut stain. Our Teepee Arbor is 12ft tall at its highest but can be lowered with a wider base. Our Hexagon Arbor is 4 ft. wide at the base and top, 8 ft. tall and 2.5 ft. deep, made from cedar trees located on the Lost Hill Lake property. All three arbors are able to have items hung on them or attached to them.


Dinning Tables

We have two sizes of tables for receptions and dining. We have 12, 8-top tables that measure 6.5 ft. in X 2.5 ft. and 14, 10-top tables that measure 8 ft. X 2.5 ft. both made from Lost Hill Lake cedar and walnut trees. Each table has white legs and can be moved easily to fit a custom or provided seating plan.

For the head table seating we have a sweetheart table available, handmade from cedar on the property. Our sweetheart table if 5 ft. 6 in’ wide and can be set up alone or with our wedding party tables that match. For 12 - 16 guests at your head table our cedar wedding party tables are 10 ft. long and all three tables (sweetheart + wedding party) are 24’ deep.


Service Tables

We have a variety of beautiful larger and smaller tables that can be customized, moved and used for any purpose during your special day. Included in this selection are a variety of small, wooden tables, matching our guest tables. These are recommended for use for the ceremony if needed. We also have a buffet table, providing a great length for all of your food to be in one place. Two oversized display tables that measure 7.3 ft. X 4.1 ft. are recommended for desserts and four picnic tables for use anywhere on the property.


Cocktail Tables

We have two sizes of cocktail tables for surrounding areas or seating. We have 29 in. wood top square tables, measuring 42 in. tall with a white base. We also have 29 in. wood top tables shorter in height at 30 in. tall. We recommend using these tables around the dance floor for lounging, drinks and mingling during the cocktail hour and reception.



Our provided ceremony and reception seating are wooden chairs. We are able to provide this mixed seating for up to 250 guests. You can create a custom seating plan or use a pre-approved Lost Hill Lake plan.



Our hand crafted doorway not only creates privacy for the bride before walking down the aisle but a beautiful, anchored focal point in the walnut grove to draw guests to the ceremony site. The wooden panels on each side of the doorway are 6ft. 7in. wide and at the highest point, the door way is 7ft tall. The antique white doors combined are 4 ft. 10 in. wide. The doorway and doors are able to have decor or florals hung on them or attached to them but please discuss with your coordinator prior to your event. The doorway is often flanked by our half whiskey barrels accompanied by decor or additional flowers. The doorway can also be used a ceremony backdrop/arbor if you are having a celebration of 75 guests or less.



Our outdoor venue requires restroom rentals. Included in our Wedding Packages is one, strategically placed, luxury restroom trailer with heating and cooling, out of the way for any photos but still accessible for any guest. Included in our restroom cove is a beautiful hand crafted table for displaying bug spray and any other decor you would like to add.  For more information click here.


Large Accessories

Included in your package are these large accessory items that can be moved and customized for your event but this must be addressed in advance. Please consult with our team if you are interested in personalizing a large accessory. This includes our:

  • Three Vintage Trucks

  • Tractors

  • Galvanized Wash Tubs

  • Hay Wagon Stage

  • Three Full Sized Whisky Barrels and Two Half Whisky Barrels

  • Guest Book Desk ( Wooden, Worn Vintage Style - around 3 ft. in length and 1.5 ft. wide with four drawers)

  • Farm Spools ( Large and One Shorter/Smaller, Wooden)

  • Hutch and Buffet

  • Pallet Bar



We provide numerous yard games for use during cocktail hour or reception. Games include bag toss, a set of washers, a giant connect four and an oversized version of Jenga. You are able to place games wherever you would like on our property and select which games for your guests to enjoy. You are also welcome to bring any of your own games that are special to your family.



We provide three bonfires with ample wood and staff to tend the fires throughout the night. Included in some of our Wedding Packages, are s'more stations for snaking during cocktail hour or reception. The s’more station is made up of graham crackers, marshmallows and Hersey's chocolate as well as roasting sticks.


Coffee Station

We provide a coffee station with complimentary regular and decaf coffee options. We also provide sugar, cream, insulated cups and other coffee needs to create a warm drink with dessert.



The cedar gazebo is a 10 ft. hexagon customizable for you event. The gazebo can be moved around the river portion of Lost Hill Lake Events property and you can decorate it however you would like. We have seen it used for ceremonies, a comfortable place for musicians to sit and photo booths.