Below we have provided pictures of our huge decor collection that is available through our LHL Décor + Décor Set Up and Styling Service a la carte option. This a la carte option includes the thousands of pieces below and so much more! Before your big day we will complete a décor meeting with our wedding coordinator where you will be able to view all of the décor and decide where you would like it placed. Your wedding day will be effortless and perfect with our team styling the décor and cleaning up the next day. You can also view our Venue Details page to see everything included in our Wedding Packages like tables and their measurements. If you have questions regarding any of these items please feel free to contact us.


Table Decor 

  • Burlap Table Runners and Lace Runner

  • Votives, Clear with Tea Light

  • Modern Lanterns

  • Rustic Lanters

  • Wooden Floral Boxes

  • Wooden Table Number Holders



  • Mixed Mason Jar Vases (Blue, Clear, With Burlap and Embellishments, Various Sizes)

  • Mixed Vintage Vases and Jars (Various Styles, Sizes, Clear, Brown)

  • Mixed Traditional Vases (Various Styles, Sizes)

  • Milk Glass Collection


Ceremony/Reception Decor

  • Sweet Heart Chairs

  • Four Vintage Couches (floral pattern and cranberry colored)

  • Ceremony Chiffon (In the walnut trees or on our arbor)

  • 8 Pane Glass Door, 6 Pane Glass Windows, Tri-Fold Glass Window

  • Shepherd Hooks or Stumps to line the aisle

  • Chalkboard Door and Various Chalkboard Signs


Dessert and Buffet Decor

  • Cake Stands (Wooden, Crystal, Mixed)

  • Sequin and Neutral Tablecloths


Other Decor

  • Wooden Crates (Various Colors, Sizes)

  • Bird Cages (Various Colors, Sizes)

  • Various Signs with Cute Weddings Phrases

  • Large Baskets